This is probably the most common question I receive.  I provide all types and styles of photography. That being said, I base my photography style and editing by the feel of what my subjects are wearing.  Determine the style you are going for and choose clothing that best represents you.  Most importantly, I want you to be as comfortable as possible during the photo shoot.  

It is important to think about the “feel” or “look” you are searching for before you begin planning your wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions; none of which are requirements, only simple recommendations. Do you want vintage and classy, or modern and contemporary? I am always happy to provide assistance to each of my clients and will work with your ideas to create a look we can both appreciate and enjoy. 

Here are a few general suggestions and simple recommendations:

* Most photographers suggest avoiding patterns in clothing. I believe it can add a unique visual interest (especially in children and teens). For example, a stripes and a floral pattern combination can provide a contemporary feel. Beware, however, because too many patterns can draw away from a subject's face.

* Accessories are always wonderful! Hats, headbands, scarves can be added and removed easily, while also providing beautiful texture and interest.

* Never wear clothing with wording or text! Poses and angles will block or cover portions of the words, causing distraction and leaving viewers confused. I also recommend to please not wear super bright, neon colors. 

* For family portraits, stick to colors that coordinate and avoid identical outfits.