Can I have the original pictures? 


I strive to create high quality images for my clients, which is why I do not provide original ("RAW" or "digital negative") pictures

When I shoot in RAW format, I am able to create images that reflect and express my artistic style.  Shooting in RAW format also allows me to make necessary corrections through editing.  There is a capture phase and processing phase in my line of work.  When capturing, I shoot with a professional series camera and make multiple adjustments to my settings; therefore, many originals (JPEG files) will be useless for clients to have. There may be a lighting issue, motion or blurring issues, etc... I also remove shots with awkward poses or smiles. I edit every shot that came out the best in my professional eye. The processing phase takes me the longest. Through editing software, I spend an average 30 minutes on just one picture.  I have my own "recipe" for editing pictures and do not allow pictures to be edited. If I allowed this, I simply would be a camera operator and not a photographer.  

This is why it is important for the clients to choose a photographer that best interests them. There is a photographer for everyone, and you should love their work before choosing them. I hope to be that photographer; but if I am not, I am confident there is a photographer that is aligned with your style and needs.